Friday, March 6, 2020 / 8pm

Savour the excellent food and unique atmosphere as you enjoy a carefree evening surrounded by ancient Swiss folklore and customs.


A traditional evening of folk music and yodelling. Don’t miss out on this unique combination of good food, music and fun.


tickets cost CHF 25.00


It was 2009 when the Swiss national, Linda Fäh, born in 1987, entered the public limelight and embarked on an outstanding career. It was the year in which she was crowned Miss Switzerland and instantaneously became a household name in the country as a result. She ended her year in office as one of the most successful Miss Switzerland winners ever. She is now a sought-after presenter and has above all long conquered the stages as a Schlager music singer.


She has now made it in the big world of show business and feels at home on the stage. She regularly features as a welcome guest on the most important Swiss Schlager television programme “Hello again” and also likes making frequent appearances on German television. Linda Fäh has long been considered one of the big stars in the Swiss world of show business and is always mentioned in the same breath as Francine Jordi and Beatrice Egli. 

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As the name suggests, the jungen Mölltaler come from the beautiful Möll Valley. It was their joy of music which motivated them to found the jungen Mölltaler in 2001. Stefan, Christoph, Michael and Markus are the names of the four musicians.


The jungen Mölltaler have been performing on stage ever since with two Styrian harmonicas (which are definitely one of their hallmarks) and many other instruments. The mixture of folk Schlager music, current charts and brass band music makes it possible to entertain old and young alike in a lively atmosphere.

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Gsteigstrasse 173

3783 Grund bei Gstaad

+41 33 748 79 79